Our Goal

Establishing Customer Requirement:

Our definition of the quality of service we provide starts with a thorough review of our customer needs and security requirements. From the moment that we first meet, we will begin to assess and identify specific Security requirements. In close consultation with our customer, we will evaluate and review the threats, and advise on the most practicable systems to meet our customer needs.

Fulfilling the Customer Requirement:

From day one of the contract, ALPHA PLUS undertakes to fulfill all their obligations to the customer. Our commitment to quality in all facets of our Company is reflected in our Total Quality Managed Service. It is also demonstrated in our determination for continued improvement and to maintain high standards at all times.

Maintaining and Improving our Service:

ALPHA PLUS Security Services is committed to ensuring customer satisfaction at all times with regard to each and every aspect of our service. Close liaison with ALPHA PLUS and our customers will ensure that we correctly interpret customers’ requirements. By developing a close working relationship our customers always have the opportunity to influence the standard and quality of service received.